was a free and ad-free collection of research analyses and opeds about many nuclear subjects. A full list of topics on, like its predecessor,, which was launched in 2007, was offered as a public service by activist Andrew Kishner. Andrew reluctantly decided to permanently shut down in May 2014 for a number of important reasons, including growing copyright infringement/plagiarism, lack of support and interest in his corporate ad-less and free web project model, and more. An extensive discussion of all the reasons behind the shutdown can be found in Andrew's latest book, 'Rig, Rad, Run,' which is both a personal narrative and retrospective of his investigation into Fukushima and U.S. radiation monitoring. After the May 2014 shutdown, Andrew began turning some of the analyses formerly available on his website into e-books as a quick solution to getting the content accessible again. He is currently brainstorming ways of finding a home for all of his content so that it can be accessible and free to all. His e-books include:

'Crossing the Line: Trafficking and Torture of Human Guinea Pigs in 1950s U.S.-U.K. Atomic Test Biological Experiments' (June 2014)—Kindle version; Scribd version; B&N/Nook version

'RIG, RAD, RUN: Radiation Monitoring, Fukushima, and Our Nuclear Dystopia: An Activist's Investigation of the U.S. Radiation Monitoring Response to the Fukushima Disaster ' (December 2014)—Kindle version; B&N/Nook version; Google Play version

'RIG, RAD, RUN' tells the eye-opening details of the U.S. radiation monitoring response failures related to the Fukushima Daiichi disaster, the worst—and still not yet over—nuclear reactor accident in history. The book also tells the narrative of Andrew's (website founder) post-3/11 activist struggle and explains in depth the reasons why he took down his website in mid-2014. The book's Appendix includes two once-popular analyses about Fukushima: 'Fukushima - Groundwater and Pacific impacts' (with a new, short intro) and the final version of 'The California Radiation Report: Japan finds radioactivity in more foods from California.' 'RIG, RAD, RUN' is one of two e-books that Andrew has self-published since May 2014. The books may be previewed by using the links above.

Andrew's next e-book, due out in 2015, examines the innovative legal remedy that brought a small victory to Southwest downwinders who sued the U.S. government in the late 1970s for damages related to radiation exposures. The book examines the historical context of that federal court case (Irene Allen, et al., Plaintiffs, v. United States of America), including the early history of U.S. nuclear testing fallout detections and the 1950's radiation monitoring network and programs of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.