was dedicated to educating people about the nuclear world they occupy. It presented independent analyses by Andrew Kishner--a self-taught anti-nuclear research activist--on several topics including: nuclear-powered satellites, subcritical nuclear tests, environmental radiation monitoring, the global governmental cover-up of the health impacts related to 1950's & 1960's internal exposures of nuclear weapons testing fallout, atomic test site guinea pigs, and Fukushima. was shut down in May 2014 due to lack of interest, support, and copyright infringement of the site's content. was proudly offered as a public service; it was freely accessible and ad-free since first being launched in 2007 (when it was previously known as Here is the May 2014 index of content.

In December 2014, using analyses and research formerly existing on this website, Andrew self-published a book about the flawed radiation monitoring response of U.S. radiation protection agencies, including the EPA and FDA, to the Fukushima disaster. The book, titled Rig Rad Run: Radiation Monitoring, Fukushima, and Our Nuclear Dystopia, also shares the never-before-told human story behind, the saga of Andrew's nine-year long stint as an anti-nuclear research activist and the struggles, stark realizations and dramatic personal events that led him to announce his decision to resign from online activism in May 2014. Andrew Kishner is also author of the e-book 'Crossing the Line: Trafficking and Torture of Human Guinea Pigs in 1950s U.S.- U.K. Atomic Test Biological Experiments.'

Book reviewers may request a free reading copy of Rig, Rad, Run by mailing a post card or letter with your name, full address, phone number and title or URL of the venue where you publish book reviews to: Andrew Kishner, P.O. Box 1931, Fairfield, IA 52556.

Rig, Rad, Run will be available in April 2015 as a trade book and is currently available as an ebook. Versions are available on Amazon (Kindle), & Google Play.

Latest graph of Andrew's continuous (when it's hooked up...) DPM/CPM indoor monitoring in SE Iowa: