Deception, Cover-up & Murder in the Nuclear Age

Deception, Cover-up & Murder in the Nuclear Age

Below are names of chapters and chapter subtitles of this site's former free draft online book Deception, Cover-up & Murder in the Nuclear Age.

This online book has been inaccessible since 2014, when shuttered. Since then, some of the chapters have moved on in the world, others not so much... In 2014, chapter 5 was made into a short ebook and chapter 12 was made into a book (and e-book) in 2015. Chapter 2 was removed from the online book in 2013 and slowly reworked into a larger book manuscript about downwinder compensation with a focus on the downwinder case Irene Allen et. al. v. U.S. (currently unpublished). Some former material from was turned into videos -- see this site's Youtube channel. Please sign up for Andrew's new book notifications at his website.

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Chapter 1 - Trinity in New Mexico to Atomic Attack in Japan 

The Trinity atomic test | Where did the fallout from Trinity and Fat Man go? | 'Atomic' censorship and control during the U.S. Occupation of Japan | Footnotes |

Chapter 2 - Downwinders, Irene Allen case, the Kodak Story (Removed in 2013)

Chapter 3 - Global Fallout From Nuclear Testing

The bomb testing | Strontium-90's rain-food-bone-disease chain | Strontium-90 threat to human health not gone | Footnotes | Advanced topics: total nuclear testing yields, U.S. radiation hotspots   |

Chapter 4 - U.S. Nuclear Weapons Complex

Los Alamos National Laboratory part 1 | Los Alamos National Laboratory part 2 | Idaho National Laboratory | Hanford Nuclear Reservation | Nevada National Security Site part 1 | Nevada National Security Site part 2 | Final note |

Chapter 5 - Witness Accounts of Human Guinea Pig Experiments in the Atomic 1950s

  Humans used in lethal experimentation at a nuclear test

Chapter 6 - Rongelapese

The 1954 Bravo detonation and the Rongelapese | U.S.'s human guinea pig experiment, Project 4.1, on the Rongelapse | Evacuation from Rongelap - questions about guinea pigs | Appendice intro |

The Hidden Quest for Nuclear Space Weapons

Chapter 7 - The History and Future of Nuclear-Powered Spacecraft 

Nuclear space missions: United States | Nuclear space missions: the Soviets | Nuclear debris from satellite atmospheric re-entries | Footnotes/nuclear-powered spacecraft launched by the USSR | Development of nuclear rockets for space/Dugway | Ban Nuclear Power Beyond Earth Act | NASA's Curiosity launch (2011) |

Chapter 8 - Mighty Oak - Testing The Space-Based Nuclear Laser

The Mighty Oak nuclear test | The Mighty Oak-Chernobyl coverup | Footnotes | Rosalie Bertell on the Mighty Oak nuclear test |

Controversial Banned and Unbanned Underground Nuclear Experiments

Chapter 9 -Subcritical Tests and What Really Is A 'Nuclear Explosion?' 

Subcritical tests | A 'nuclear' and 'explosive' redefinition | Footnotes |

Chapter 10 -Underground Nuclear Tests 

Underground nuclear tests | Types of radiation released | Footnotes | TRAJECTORY AND FORECAST of ground-level contaminated air masses across the Pacific |

Covering Up the Radioactive Impacts of Nuclear Power

Chapter 11 - The 'Bad Science' Behind Nuclear Reactor Operations

Nuclear power creates nuclear fallout | Distorting emissions in nuclear power operations | Something's in the pool! - spent fuel rod dangers | Gaseous radioactive waste types - References | Map of U.S. reactors | Case Studies: Vermont Yankee and others | Case Study: Three Mile Island; strontium-89 |

Chapter 12 - Volatile Fukushima

What's in that smoke? Unlocking the secrets of Fukushima's radiation releases, 12-1; How Fukushima really released plutonium, 12-2; U.S. covers its eyes over Fukushima, 12-3; Footnotes, 12-4; Japan's lackluster strontium-plutonium survey, 12-5

Chapter 13 - Environmental Dangers from Cold War Legacy Radiation - Wildfires

Milford Flat Fire (2007) 13-1; Were Utahns in danger? 13-2; Fires lifting Chernobyl (Chornobyl) fallout for all the world to suffer (pdf)

Chapter 14 - Environmental Dangers from Cold War Legacy Radiation - Dust storms

Australia, dust storms and the fallout Britain left behind, 14-1; footnotes

Chapter 15 - Environmental Dangers from Cold War Legacy Radiation: Drilling in Colorado in Nuclear Subterrain 

The detonation, 15-1; Raiding the radioactive tomb, 15-2; DOE's 'Plan Forward', 15-3; Rio Blanco in their 'sights,' 15-4; Footnotes/other Plowshares, 15-5; Reclaiming your voice under NEPA/Rulison updates, 15-6


Atomic Element Reference Tables
Secret nuclear test? The Trinity Site. Radioactive steel. Depleted uranium. 
Nuclear waste storage and transport dangers
NTS nuclear waste transport incidents
'The Un-killable Nevada Bomb Test'
Plutonium dispersal experiments at NTS or NAFR from 1955 to 1963
McKinney letter
North Korea's nuclear ambitions provoked by U.S. nuclear experiments
Z-Machine nuclear experiments
'Subcritical' DAHRT tests LANL
Action step for stopping subcritical tests
Our Fukushima monitoring
Compare cesium-137 levels in Japan
Radiation data from very early April (Fukushima)
'Minor Trials,' nuclear experiments in Australia
Britain to blame partly for downwinders' plight in U.S.
Intro to 'The Black Mist and its Aftermath'
Justifiably flipping out...Cemp Hall of Fame
Environmental radiation monitoring, your First Warning System for radiation
'The EPA is Asleep in the Control Tower'

The 1978 soil samples (Rongelapese)
Plutonium (Rongelapese)
Strontium (Rongelapese)
Body burden/cesium (Rongelapese)
Final analysis (Rongelapese)
Footnotes (Rongelapese)